Gotta Have it

Some of what makes a good trip is just knowing what to bring and what to leave home.

Here are a few things we would not leave home without:


Premium Sleep Mask by MemorySoft 

These masks are lifesavers especially for over-night flights. The contoured memory foam is designed to created optimal comfort and complete darkness.

BUY NOW $10.95 


Pure Cashmere Unisex Scarf

Great all around accessory for keeping the chill off while flying and for colder than expected nights out on the town.

BUY NOW $50.99 free shipping


Travel Smart Wattage Converter

There are two standard wall currents in the world: 100v-125v and 220v-250v. You will need a converter (unless all your electronics are dual voltage) and the adapter plug that matches the foreign wall socket. These 5 adapters will cover just about anywhere you want to go.

BUY NOW $22.31


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